From the middle ages to present-day, architecture around the world has gone through critical moments, and in the last three decades, Andalusia has also seen a radical transformation. The new modernist wave broke through when Seville hosted Expo '92 with avant-garde designs; meanwhile, the city balanced tradition and modernity.

The original Andalusian style is characterised by its inner courtyards or "patios" with fountains and shaded cloisters to keep the houses cool during the hotter summer months. Mediterranean style architecture features arched windows and doors with iron detailing, earthen roof tiles and white stucco walls.

However, recent years have offered a growing trend towards a modern-era architectural style known as “cubic architecture”. This form is a synthesis of geometric elements, elegant minimalist design, glass, natural stone, soaring ceilings and clean, sweeping lines throughout to create an immense feeling of space.

According to Facundo Taborda from TAM ATB Architecture who have more than 40 years experience at both a national and international level “We are now seeing a fundamental shift, where one of the most valuable 'made to fit' goods, created together by architect and client, is gaining importance as an investment while also serialising architecture. The transformation into the design of products instead of homes opens an array of new possibilities”.

Buyers are more often than not looking for a new, modern property on the Costa del Sol. The area is home to some of the best contemporary architects in Spain, and new developments feature contemporary eco-friendly designs with home automation systems, energy efficient devices, and “green” appliances.

Mediterranean architecture is not just a style of composition but evokes a particular lifestyle inspired by its cosmopolitan cities, warm climate and natural landscape.  Architects are now using the Mediterranean tradition and adding a minimalist and contemporary twist.

Architecture has never been more valued in terms of cultural, monetary and aesthetic significance. The Costa del Sol has become a symbol of contemporary style, and Marbella is rapidly morphing into a modern architecture mecca.

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