When deciding where to invest in property, location is paramount.

The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe due to its 300 days of sunshine a year, laidback atmosphere and delicious Mediterranean food. These factors make the area a premier location for individuals looking either for a holiday home or making Spain their permanent residence. Here are 5 reasons to make the Costa del Sol your first choice.


1. The market is booming

If you buy a home now on the coast, you are likely to see its value go up in price in the next few years. The Costa del Sol's iconic status is well known throughout Europe and experts predict the economy will only get better in the coming years due to an influx of international buyers who make up an incredible 75% of new home buyers in the area.


2. The Costa del Sol has it all

The stretch of 150km coastline isn't losing its appeal anytime soon. The region boasts clean beaches, a calm sea, mild weather year-round, world-famous entertainment hotspots, a growing art and film community, music festivals, and bilingual international schools. Let's not forget the area is also a golfer’s paradise with over 60 golf courses; there is something for everyone!


3. Affordable real estate

There are still bargains available on the Costa del Sol real estate market, and many of the new developments are working with banks to make financing easier for buyers. With so much new construction, properties are offered at a competitive price with a wide choice ranging from apartments, townhouses to luxury beachside villas.


4. Alternative income

Tourism is one of the leading industries of the area and with millions of visitors each year this offers a substantial opportunity for a thriving rental market. There is an ever- increasing demand for holidays homes which has created a fantastic chance for rental housing investors.


5. Population and business growth

Historically the Costa del Sol has been one of the strongest real estate markets in Spain with continually stable returns.
The local economy has grown at a steady pace in the last 20 years which has paved the way for a secure financial foundation for both investors and residents.

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